Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cheeky Sandwiches: Doing it right!

When you only have 6 items on your menu, you had better do those 6 things unbelievably well. And that's exactly what Cheeky Sandwiches does... darn good sandwiches, 6 ways. Brent, one of my coworkers, came with me the other day to grab a sandwich from Cheeky. Like a fool, he had already eaten and that meant I was on my own. So I decided on two sandwiches... well, I can't just try one thing on this little adventure!

This place defines "hole in the wall."  But it's a cute little hole! Their walls are fun and eclectic One has a great saying on it, the others have faces sketched onto the wall. There's even a community sketch book for people to sit down and doodle in. The beer taps are garden trowels and everything has an air of warmth and eccentricity.

Beef Short Rib & Chicken Biscuit
It was Fat Tuesday, so they had gumbo on the menu and complimentary "Ben-Yay" with every order (not that we weren't ordering them anyway). They sell Fitz's Soda, which I had never heard of, but I will have to try another time as they looked interesting. Brent and I ate the "Ben-Yay's" on the walk back to the office, and they were fantastic! They were fresh and hot out of the fryer with a nice coating of powdered sugar. We devoured them, hence why there's no picture of them.

I decided on the Fried Chicken sandwich on a buttermilk biscuit, red cabbage coleslaw, and a hit of gravy.  And the Braised short rib on toasted challah bread with horseradish sauce, arugula, and tomatoes. The Fried Chicken sandwich was awesome - excellent seasoning, nice crunchy coating that was reminiscent of fried chicken from a cast iron skillet. The buttermilk biscuit was light and fluffy and was an excellent vehicle for the chicken, tangy slaw, and pan gravy. But as good as that chicken sandwich was, it wasn't anything compared to the short rib. That short rib sandwich just melted in my mouth. The challah bread was buttery and soft, the horseradish sauce was just right and not too over powering and the peppery arugula added just the right texture to the rich beef short rib.

Pork Chop Sandwich & Seafood Po'boy
The next day, Brent, realized what a fool he had been and went back to get two of the other sandwiches from Cheeky. He popped into my office today with a bag full of yum. He got the Marinated Seared Pork Chop Sandwich with caramelized onions and apples, and sweet and spicy mustard. The pork was nicely seasoned and tender, and the onions and apples just pulled that bad boy right together. He also, as surprise, got the Seafood Po'boy dressed (lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo) on a roll. The white fish was nicely coated in cornmeal and had a good crunch to it. It also had a zippy remoulade that I really enjoyed as well.

The Verdict:
Brent preferred the Pork and Chicken sandwiches.
I preferred the Beef and Po'boy sandwiches.
We both agreed that all four of those sandwiches were unbelievably good and this place is legit!

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