Sunday, February 24, 2013

Konditori: My mid-morning Fika

The greatest thing about working in the building that I live in, is that coffee is only two floors away in my apartment all day!  But today, I ran out of coffee after cup #2 (I'm a 3 cup kinda girl).  Rather than being sensible and buying more coffee to make at home, I decided to take Reggie for a little walk around the corner and grab a cup somewhere.  It was a nice morning and he loves a good walk, about as much as I love a good cup of coffee.  So I decided to take a mid-morning fika (Swedish for coffee break) and head around the corner to Konditori (pastry based coffee shop).  Given that I am Swedish, this seemed like a natural inclination for me and it was!

Reggie and I squeezed into Konditori, and I do mean squeezed.  There were four other people in this tiny little shop and we practically had to go back outside when someone wanted more cream in their coffee.  The menu was that of a nice simple coffee shop - nothing crazy, no Lingonberry Lattes or Swedish Fish Macchiatos.  They had two sizes of coffee, liten (small) and stor (large).  No Viking size or anything ridiculous (I once ordered coffee from a place that had a size "disco" - please feel free to roll your eyes at this - and the barista made me say "disco" rather than "large"... ugh, I never went back and he's lucky he still has all his teeth.  Anyway, I digress...).  They had a lovely little assortment of pastries and some of them were traditionally Swedish.

I went with the Kanelbulle (traditional Swedish cinnamon roll), a Zucchini Carrot muffin, and a Swedish coffee.  The kanelbulle was nice, not as rich and gooey as it's American brethern, but the crunchy rock sugar on top was really good.  It was a little dry, but I love nothing more than dunking pastry in my coffee and then it became a special treat.  But the star of this show was the Zucchini Carrot muffin - crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside.  It had the perfect amount of zucchini, carrots, walnuts, and zesty spices.  And on the crown, was a roasted peach... it may have been the best muffin I've ever had - and that's saying a lot because I generally find muffins to be underwhelming a waste of time.  Oh, and the coffee was good too!!

Now that I've reconnected with my people on more than Ikea and meatballs, I feel as though I'll be having fikas at Konditori more often!

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